Getting Dunked – 08/23/10

23 Aug

AAAH, I woke up late, so I missed my 5AM class.  Schedule was all wacked this morning, but now I am back to normal.  I'm going to IF today because I have a dunk appointment at 3PM.  I brought all this lunch too, but oh well.  I will just eat after my dunk.

7:00 – CFPA
Strength – Worked on Snatch, 33#(5), 53(#), 58#(5), 63#(3), 63#(3), 63(#)
MetCon – AMAP for 10 Minutes of 10 Front Squats(87#), Max Push Ups.  I got a total of 75 Pushups in 5 rounds.  Ouch!!!

I need to work on keep core tight while doing the snatch.  I was doing a squat snatch too, and Tim told me afterwards to just focus on the power snatch instead.

11:30 – Run – 2.71 miles in 25:11.  It's freakin' HOT!

3:00 – Got Dunked, and boy…am I fat!  I am 25% BF, up 4.5% from March!!  Yes, I already know this, and it shouldn't be a big surprise.  It all goes to the abs and love handles.  Time to step up my game.  Vacation will be a test. I'm not going to be anal or make a big deal about it.  But September comes around, and I gotta kick it up into high gear!

3:30 – Lunch: 3 fried eggs with some broccoli
5:00 – 1 cup of watermelon and a small handful of cranberries
7:30 – 3 fried egg in coconut oil.  Dessert was half a banana with avocado, coconut milk, and half a scoop of whey protein powder.
Summary: I'm FAT and I got to get over this.  I need to find alternative methods to keep me full without binging on nuts.  Yes, I do binge on nuts.  I guess I can eat half a bag of cashews if I wanted to, and I've done that MULTIPLE times while on Whole30.  I  need to eat more veggies!!  MORE VEGGIES!  Maybe just stick to veggies that I like, cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.  Today's calories were low because I IF'ed until 3:30.
Calories: 832
PRO: 53.5(25%)
CHO: 46.0(20%)
FAT: 51.9(55%)

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