One more day till Hawaii – 08/24/2010

24 Aug

Yesterday turned out to be a total shitty day.  Why are people so stubborn.  Stubbornness doesn't get you anywhere in life.  Get over it!!

5:00 – CFPA
Strength: Push Press – 63#(5)/63#(5)/68#(5)/73#(3)/73#(3)/83#(3)
Metcon: Run 400m, 24 T2B, 24 Box Jumps, 200m run, 16 T2B, 16 Box Jumps, 200m run, 8T2B, 8 Box Jumps, Run 400m – 11:55

I need to work on punching out the wrist, and keeping the heels down when I push out.

8:00 – Breakfast: 60grams of Ahi Tuna, and half an avocado
10:30 – Cashews because I was hungry. 😉
12:15 – Oxtail and Salmon Jerk at Coconuts in Palo Alto.  Also had some veggies and sweet potato fries.

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