Done with Maui/Off to Oahu – 08/30/10

30 Aug

The last two nights, I've ended the day with bread, noodles, more bread, and two scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone.  Our trip is winding down, and my diet needs to tighten up.  September 1st is the day I get back on the Paleo train and portion control.  LOTS OF VEGGIES, LOTS of PROTEIN.  It's going to be hard because we'll still be on vacation September 1st, but I will try my best.  Lately I've been really good in the day, and  then I just splurge at night.  It puts me to sleep, and I wake up feeling ICK!  Farts galore!  I've been able to get some workouts in, and we are going to Lahaina Crossfit this morning, so that will be good.  YAY for vacation!

7:00 – Lahaina Crossfit
Strength – 3×5 of clean & jerk: 45#/65#/75#
Metcon – 3 rounds of 1 min KB Swings(1pood), 1 min Box jumps, 1 min SDHP(45#)

Had a Paleo Kit for brunch, a turkey protein burger with fried egg and bacon and sweet potatoes for lunch, and some oxtail ramin for dinner w/ mangoes.

I had samples of the Hawaiian Cookies.  mmmMMMMmmmm 

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