Excited for my new meal plan – 09/10/10

10 Sep

I finally talked to Summer yesterday through my sister’s webcam!  My first video chat! HAHAHAAH.  It was good to finally meet her, and discuss my nutrition goals.  Here first question was… “Do you really think you need to lose weight?”.  I immediately thought, YES!  I feel it getting tight around my jeans, my tummy, etc.  I don’t like that feeling or the look.  BUT, my other goal is to feel healthy and happy and not too stressed out with dieting.  I don’t want to binge anymore.  If I eat something yummy, I should control it, and eat healthy the next meal.  I should not wait for the next day to start clean again.  That’s bad!!  Also, I want to COMPLETELY get rid of the guilt.  No more guilt if I eat cashews, but that’s after I start to lean out again.  Just 5-7 pounds…that’s it!  I can do this!  Then I can work to maintain it, which is definitely the hard part.

5:00 -CFPA

Strength: HSPU Progression

Metcon – AMRAP in 8 minutes: 10m DB Bear Crawl, 5 DB Burpees, 5 DB cleans, 5 DB Shoulder to Overhead = 6R+10m

6:30 – PWO Meal: 2 oz of chicken breast and 1 serving of sweet potato fries

9:45 – 3 eggs with 1 cup of spinach

11:20 – a handful of cranberries


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