Monday Reset – 09/13/2010

13 Sep

I sort of love Mondays, because it resets me from a weekend of bad eating.  I know I have 5 days to be good.  Now the goal is to spill those 5 days of good work into 7 days of good work.  I just got my new nutrition plan from Summer, and I should start this now.  I’m going to try to post pictures of what I’m eating.

Sleep was terrible last night.  Mason cried at 1AM.  Not sure why, but he stopped, then he cried at 3AM, and ended up in our room.  He didn’t fall back asleep until a little after 4AM.

5:00 – CFPA

Strength – Thrusters: 33#(5), 53#(5), 63#(5), 73#(3), 83#(3), 93#(3)

Metcon – AMRAP: 20 1 Arm KB Swings(16kg), 200m run – 6 rounds plus 4 swings

7:30 – 2 slices of deli turkey meat from applegate

11:20 – Breakfast: Got a late start, but this is meal #1 on my meal plan.  I was able to whip this up in less than 10 minutes.  I didn’t have shallots on hand for the Sautéed Spinach, so I used red onions.

2:45 – A turkey patty with spinach salad with bell peppers, cucumbers, and 1 tomato.  Dressing was olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, and dijon mustard.  This was YUMMY!  Loved it!

5:45 – Debated on eating the snack because it’s so close to dinner, but I figured I should stick to the meal plan, and eat all the calories.  Tuna, cucumber, and avocado.

7:30 – Dinner: I made my dinner this afternoon.  Roasted a whole chicken with veggies using Emeril’s Essence Spice Mix.  It was delicious, and can you believe that I didn’t finish all the chicken breast!  I was so full, so I left a piece for a post workout meal.

Here is the chicken out of the oven.  This whole chicken will be my dinner for 3 nights.

My portion for tonights dinner:


One Response to “Monday Reset – 09/13/2010”

  1. cosmopolitanprimalgirl September 14, 2010 at 5:16 pm #

    This is so awesome!! You did AMAZING!!!! I love the pics…you get serious bonus points for taking the time to post them. This is also great because I can keep an eye on your progress from afar:)
    I’m glad all your recipes turned out well. One little tip…your chicken is roasting upside-down. You’ll find the skin end up crispier if you flip the bird over next time you cook it.
    Awesome work xfit mama!!

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