Sue’s Surprise Bridal Shower – 09/12/2010

13 Sep

I had a great time with the girlfriends today.  But wow, did I go on a bender!  Sweet Sweets and more Sweets!  I was doing so well, then I just gave in!  WTH!

9:00 – nectarine

11:30 – Omelette with spinach and tomatoes from left bank.  I had a small bite of the egg salad from Jan’s sandwich.  I did so good here.

2:00 – At Sakura Nail Salon I had lots of fruit, probably 1.5 cupcakes, 1 slice of chocolate mousse cake, and a few sips of Mimosa

5:00 – a few pieces of steak at Cess’s house

7:00 – Protein burger from In-n-Out(had spread on it, they forgot to NOT put it)  Also had some moon cake!  BLEH!

Here is a picture from today with my girlfriends(I’m the 3rd one from the right):

After looking at this pic, I look so round, especially in my face and tummy!  I feel like I’m pregnant, just like a year a go when I really was pregnant!


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