Last Day of Real Work at AST – 09/16/2010

16 Sep

Today will probably be my last day doing real work for AST. WOW, it’s been a fun 8 years, and I can’t believe I decided to make a “change”. I don’t do well with change, but hopefully this will be good for me. I’m not sure whether I want to go to any “good luck lunches”, because I’m on a strict meal plan this week. However, I might regret it if I don’t go…We’ll see.

Sippin’ on an americano w/ cinnamon this morning. Probably won’t drink all of it.

9:45 – Breakfast: Sauteed Spinach with 3 eggs and 1/4 of an avocado. The sauteed spinach feels a little too heavy for me. I think I’ll use coconut oil next time instead of butter.

10:30 – Couldn’t finish my food. Just a couple bits of egg and spinach left.

12:45 – Lunch: Still not too hungry, but I ate anyways. A spinach salad and my leftovers from last nights dinner(1 leg/thigh with half a serving of veggies)

5:00 – I started to thunk about snaking, so maybe it meant that I was hungry. I had half a can of tuna with a few slices of cucumber. I also had a small slice f the flank steak that I cooked for breakfast tomorrow.

7:30 – Dinner: went to yuki sushi for Bev’s bday dinner, and I told the girls I couldn’t eat rice. I love this place because they are accommodating to my paleo/primal ways. For starters we had the spicy tuna tartar. I tried to pick around the spicy sauce, and mainly ate pieces of salmon, tuna, and avocado.

For the main course, I ordered 3 rolls without rice. I had a salmon & avocado maki, ebi & avocado maki, and tekka(tuna) maki. I asked the waiter to add cucumber to the rolls.

We also ordered hamachi sashimi, and I probably had 5 pieces.

I think I did good and stuck to the plan. Could of had more veggies for dinner. What do you think Summer?


One Response to “Last Day of Real Work at AST – 09/16/2010”

  1. Summer September 17, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    You did awesome!!!! Fantastic job with the sushi! Your first social challenge couldn’t have gone better!

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