Last Day at AST – 09/17/2010

17 Sep

Hectic morning, but I got to xfit. Sleep was ok. I woke up at 330 again, and couldn’t really go back to sleep. Left the house at 4:30.

5:00 – CFPA

Strength – Pull Ups: 5-5-5-3(bw+5#)-3(bw+5#)-3(bw+8#)

Metcon – 3x4Min Rounds 1 min rest between each round. 3 Power Cleans(93#), 6 push ups, 9 squats. I got a total of 17 rounds.

10:00- Breakfast: yes, it was late but I wanted to make sure I ate it. I had flank steak with roasted veggies, but I didn’t finish all of the veggies.

12:00- went to St Johns Bar & Grill. Suppose to be one of the best burger joints in town. I had a boring protein burger. Everyones burger looked spook delicious! If only I could have cheese with my lettuce wrapped burger, it would of been more satisfying. ;-). Here’s a pic:

3:15 – I knew I’d get hungry real fast. I wasn’t quite sure what was for snack, because I don’t have a computer right now. So I had to find something in the fridge. 3 slices of turkey and 1/4 of an avocado. I think I’ll eat my left over veggies too.

6:20- ahi tuna with roasted veggies

It’s 8 right now and I want to snack!!! Man, this weekend is probably going to be the toughest part of the while week.


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