WWS Competition #2

18 Sep

Today is the second workout for the weekend warrior series competition. I’m a little nervous, but I can’t do anything about it. I have to try my best with the wall balls and make ever rep count.

I woke up pretty hungry this morning. I don’t think I ate enough, especially for lunch. Yesterday was the first day where I didn’t feel satisfied or full from my meals.

8:00 – Flank steak with roasted veggies

10:00 – PreWorkout Meal:3 slices of oven roasted turkey breast from applegate

11:30 – Weekend Warrior Seriers #2 – Fight Gone Bad Style

1 minute at each station: 145# deadlift, 65# Shoulder to Overhead, Row, and 14# wall ball. I didn’t do too well the wall balls because I’m 5 ft. It just sucked!!

12:15 – PWO Meal: Coconut Juice, baby carrots, and half a palm size of chicken

2:15 – Lunch: Got home and I was starving. I went grocery shopping after the competition, so I stopped by Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I had a roasted bell pepper, salad with dijon mustard and guac. The picture is below. I was still hungry!! I bought some pork carinatas for Tran from whole foods. It had like 4 ingredients in it, so it was Paleo approved(I forgot what the ingredients were). So I had a serving of the pork too. I’m trying not to eat anymore, but I can’t help it.

640- Dinner: pork loin with veggies.  I started eating before I remembered to take a pic.


2 Responses to “WWS Competition #2”

  1. cosmopolitanprimalgirl September 18, 2010 at 10:57 pm #

    Hey Steph! How was your sleep last night? Lack of sleep = hunger. If you had a good sleep, then you might need some more protein/fat if you’re feeling hungry. It’s OK to eat if you’re hungry…just stick with the quality foods!

    PS: That is a tough WOD! Like Fight Gone REALLY Bad!

  2. stle57 September 19, 2010 at 2:55 am #

    Hey Summer – Sleep was not that good. Feel asleep on the coach, and woke up at 12AM. When I got into bed, I couldn’t fall back asleep. I kept tossing and turning for at least an hour. Then I woke up at 5AM.

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