Shopping adventure with the BFF and Kids -09/19/10

19 Sep

Going shopping today for new fall clothes. I tried on some stuff at home so I know what size to buy. And yes, my belly does not look flat as it used to be, but maybe it never was?! I don’t remember exactly. I know I definitely don’t fit a size 2 dress at H&M.

8:00 – Breakfast: the last of my flank steak(5 slices) and roasted veggies. Hopefully it keeps me full till after shopping.

2:00 – lunch: started to eat my Mexican stuffed bell pepper, but I wasn’t feeling it, so I ended up eating turkey and salami slices. The turkey and salami were from Applegate, so all natural ingredients, no sugar, no nitrates, etc.

8:00 – Dinner:it was a hectic day, so we had a late dinner. I had so many leftovers from the week. Tonight, I finished the last piece of Ahi tuna with steamed beans tossed in a bit of butter. I did butter instead of coconut oil because tran doesn’t like the smell of coconut oil. Here’s a pic:



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