TGIF! – 09/24/2010

24 Sep

Sleep was ok. ABS are sore. It hurts to laugh, even if its just a giggle! OUCH. Hurts so good right?!


Strength – Pull-ups: 3(BW) – 3(3#), 3(5#), 1(8#), 1(12#), 1(15#-F). I was close to getting the chin over the bar with the last rep, but didn’t.

Metcon – Tabata KB Swings(20KB) and Abmat situps, then max DUs in 2 minutes: 148 total reps and 27 DUs. Pretty easy workout for a Friday, even though the abmat situps hurt bad.

8:40 – 3 fried eggs with a whole bunch of roasted veggies.

12:00- went to specialty’s cafe with some old coworkers and I had the Cobb salad without bacon cheese and dressing.

This might be a little TMI, but I got diaherria! OUCH!

430- chicken breast for snack

630- roasted chicken with veggies. Also had 1 hard boiled egg.


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