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Day 5 of Whole 30 – 10/29/2010

29 Oct

Dammit I need to read things more carefully.  PWO meals shouldn’t have any added fat.  I scarfed down 1/4 of an avocado today after the workout.  What the!!

Weight status – I decided to weigh myself after my workout and PWO meal today, right before I took a shower.  I’m down to 118.3.  WOO HOO!

5:00 – CFPA
Strength – Press: 33#(5)/43#(5)/53#(5)/63#(3)/70#(3)/70#(3)

Metcon – 3 Rounds, 1 min at each station: Pull ups, Calorie Row, Push ups, Deadlifts(53#-Rx’ed).  I got 86/71/63.  Ugh!  I started with deadlifts.  I should of tried as hard as I can.  I kept on dropping at the pull up stations, and doing 3 at a time.  I need more endurance!  MENTAL ENDURANCE!

PWO Meal: Half of a baby jar of sweet potatoes, half a pork meatball, and 1/4 of an avocado, which I apparently shouldn’t be eating.

Day 4 of Whole30-10/28/2010

28 Oct

6:15 – CFE WOD(not strength), I did 2×12 min intervals + 1x4min interval.  It felt good.  I went between 6.5 and 7.2 on the treadmill.

7:45 – Breakfast: I love the cafeteria at work.  They are so accommodating!  I quickly fried 3 eggs in coconut oil right before I left this morning, and intended to get veggies at work.  I told the cook all I wanted was veggies, and he sauteed some mushrooms, spinach, onions, and zucchini for me.  Perfect side to my eggs.  YUMMY!  Oh, and I added 1/4 of an avocado.

11:45 – Lunch: 1 leg/thigh with roasted veggies.  I was so good!  I went to the Halloween party and everyone was eating pizza!  Everyone!  I was the only one eating my food.  Candy was spread across the table too.   AAAH.

GEEZ!  Now I can’t stop thinking about candy.  I think I’m bored at work.  BLEh!  I can’t stop thinking about cheating either!  **SIGH**

4:30 – Came home and just ate a lot of protein with an avocado.  Leftover beef brisket, 3 pork balls, and a few bites of hubby grass fed sirloin.  The sirloin was delicious!!!  Lots of flavor.

Day3 of Whole30 – 10/27/2010

27 Oct

I feel great today.  No more sluggishness!  Yesterday I worked out, and today I worked out.  I didn’t feel sluggish during the workout either, although I could always go faster.  I need to work on the mental aspect of doing a WOD.  I must push through and not let drop the bar after 2 reps.  Come on..fight through the pain!  It doesn’t last forever!

5:00 – CFPA

Strength – 1 legged Deadlift: 5(53#)-5(73#)- 5(83#)- 3(83#)-3(83#)-3(88#)-3(88#): Need to keep the core tight!  This is a great strength move to work on the core

Met-con: 400 m run, 21 SDHP, 400 m run, 21 PJs, 400 m run 21 Thrusters. 65#/Rx’d – Time: 11:52

PWO Meal- Following Whole30, I had a post workout meal right when I got into the car and driving to work(within 15 minutes of finishing the WOD).  I had a small piece of roasted chicken breast(dinner that I didn’t finish), some sweet potato fries, and 1/4 of an avocado.  YUMMY!

8:30 – Breakfast: Soup with veggies and chicken breast.  1 egg white.

11:45 – Lunch: Went to Chipolte and had a steak salad with a side of guacamole.  Clean ingredients although a little too salty.  I’ll be drinking lots of water today!

3:00 – Ugh!  I want to eat good tasty yummy sweets!  Why can’t I have any of that!!  Because I put myself through this test.  And what is this test for?!  Is it to prove that I don’t have to eat sweets?  Because I’ve been down this path.  Can’t I enjoy something?  Sorry, I’m babbling, because I want something to munch on and I have nothing here, so my mind is wondering to forbidden places!

5:00 – Came home and snacked on brisket and pork.  LOL.

6:30 – Dinner: Chicken breast with roasted veggies.

Day 2 of Whole 30 – 10/26/2010

26 Oct

AAh, what a genius I am.  I brought two left feet to work.  LOL.

I felt great this morning.  The first day is always the hardest when getting back on track to eating clean, but I did it!  I might have eaten too much protein for dinner.  I need to add more fat into my snacks.

6:00 – 4×3 min intervals trying to get the highest pace.  My highest pace was the 4th one of course at 7.5mi/hr.  I did this on the treadmill w/o any incline.

11:35 – Brunch: Been so busy trying to fix this issue with my code that I dont have time to get out of my seat and warm up my food.  How sad is that!  1 egg white plus chicken/shrimp soup similar to yesterdays breakfast.

2:50 – Lunch: Beef brisket with salad-same lunch as yesterday.

5:00- Snack: I had some chicken breast, a little bit of avocado, and 3 slices of salami

6:30 – Dinner: Roasted chicken breast with roasted veggies.  A small serving of sweet potato fries

Whole30(Day 1) and Biggest Loser Challenge – 10/25/2010

25 Oct

Alright, let’s just say this weekend was all bad, starting on Friday with the bundt cakes.  It just went down hill.  How do I feel today?  Physically, I feel fat, swollen, hot, bloated, flabby, etc.  Mentally, I feel tired, discouraged, and irritated!  Why?!?!  First, for the last 4 weeks, my numbers at the gym have gone down.  Not only strength, but also metcon.  Again, I was off by 1 minute in our met-con WOD today. How irritating is that?!?!?  And I feel fat.  So nothing is working my way.  I was suppose to start Whole30 yesterday, but since 2 of my friends wanted to do a biggest loser challenge starting today, I figured I’ll start Whole30 today too.  Whole9Life has a version 3.0, but isn’t much different from version 2.0.  I bought the guide because it actually tells you how much protein you should be eating as well as fat.   Our challenge last 8 weeks, so I put all my effort into Whole30 for half of the challenge.  Even though I have to weigh in every Monday because of the challenge, I’m going to ignore those numbers until after 30 days.  Then if I don’t see any type of results, whether it’s the weight number, the metcon numbers, or the strength numbers, then I will re-evaluate my nutrition plan.  Maybe Paleo isn’t for me, but we will see.  I am going to really follow the strict guidelines(which includes the portion sizes) outlined in the Whole 30 guide.  A palm size of protein…my palm is small!!  But I have to up the veggies and fat.  And if I’m hungry, I got to eat a snack!

Also, I want to understand why my metcons are so slow now.  Is it because there are more people in the class now?  That shouldn’t be it right, because that should push me even more!  Is it because I’m carrying around extra flab?  Strange, because in August, I was carrying around the flab and still felt stronger.  I was snacking a lot though, on cashews, and Paleo Krunch, etc.  I was also doing more cardio.  For some reason, the last 3 weeks, I stopped doing runs or Crossfit Endurance stuff.  I need to get back at that, starting tomorrow.  Okay, I knew this was going to be tough, but I just got put into a reality check this weekend, and I am ready.

5:00 – CFPA

Strength : Cleans – 63#(5) – 73#(5) – 83#(5) – 93#(3) – 103#(3) – 103#(2- I couldn’t get the last 1 up)- 93#(3) Last set was to work on form.

Metcon: 400mrun, 24T2B, 24 Box Jumps, 200m run, 16T2B, 16 Box Jumps, 200 mRun 8 T2B, 8Box Jumps, 400m run.  Total Time 12:57

This sucked!  I did this in August and it was 11:55.  I was gassed, and I finished last.  I didn’t reach some of the T2B.  How sad is that!

8:30 – Breakfast: I had chicken & shrimp veggie soup and 1 hard boiled egg.  There was 1 JUMBO shrimp in it, and maybe 3 small pieces of chicken breast.  The rest was filled with veggies.

12:10 – Lunch: Salad with cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, shredded beef brisket, olive oil, dijon mustard, and a little bit of juice from the brisket.  I put the brisket in the slow cooker yesterday, so I think I have at least 4 days of lunch.  Here’s  a pic:

4:00 – Snack: 1/4 of an avocado, 1 hard boiled egg, and 1 small gala apple

6:30 – Dinner: Roasted Chicken breast with roasted veggies.  I didn’t eat all of the chicken breast.  I should of because I ended up eating 2 hard boiled eggs afterwards.  I just love fresh hard boiled eggs

8:30 – Snack: Late snack because I roasted another chicken and ate some of the wings and skin.  YUMMY!

TGIF – 10/22/2010

22 Oct

5:00 – CFPA

Strength – Lsit, Skin the cats, and other progressions

Metcon – 3RFT: 400 m run, 12 burpees, 21 KB swings(16kg).  I forgot what my time was.  it was 12 or 13 something.  Good way to end the week.  I feel like my metcon is slowing down too.  I need to start running again on Tues/Thurs.

8:15 – Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs.

12:00 – Lunch: MAJOR FAIL FOR DIETING…but I will not feel guilty.  I just need to get back on the wagon. 😉  Went to California Cafe with Jan.  I had two pieces of bread(that’s not the bad part).  My lunch consisted of sweet potato fries, grilled broccolini, and bottom sirloin.  The sirloin was so good.  I wish there was more, but the portion size was small.  Afterwards, Jan had to get some sweets for Zee’s birthday dinner, and we went to Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Why did I go straight to the sample of red velvet?!?!  So I had Bundt cakes, brought some back to my coworkers, and now I am going to eat a nice dinner, and WILL eat clean for the rest of the week.


Front Squat PR…FINALLY!! – 10/21/2010

21 Oct

Since I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, I went today.  2 days rest was good!

6:00 – CFPA
Strength – Today was suppose to be a step up skill day, but Tim let me do Front Squats, because it was just me and Sadlier.

FS : 83#(3) – 113#(3) – 123#(3)- 133#(1) – 138#(F)- 138#(F).  I don’t know why, but I didn’t try hard enough on the 138#.  I was happy with the PR of 133# because I haven’t PR’ed anything the last 3 weeks.

Metcon – Christine: 3 RFT of 500 m row, 12 Deadlifts(133#), 21 Box Jumps.  I got 14:01.  I think over a minute and a half more than my last time.  But I did BW Deadliftse last time.  This time I did way more than BW. Felt good to get back after two days rest.

8:45 – Breakfast: 3 poached eggs with roasted brussel sprouts in butter.  YUM!

11:45 – Lunch: Went to this place called Lunch with Tony and had a 1/2 soup 1/2 salad combo.  I had a split pea soup(not sure if peas are paleo) and an asian chicken salad.  All ingredients are clean.  Only ate half the soup, and didn’t really finish the salad.

6:00 – Dinner: Mahi Mahi pan fried fish from trader joes with some brussel sprouts.  Then I had salami afterwards for a late night snack.