Sue’s Wedding and Grandma’s 100th Birthday – 10/2/10

2 Oct

Got a lot going on today.  Sue’s wedding is at Maggiano’s.  Then at night we going to Tran’s grandma’s house to just cut cake.

Breakfast: – Chicken with roasted veggies(I’m out of eggs, and haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping).

Lunch: – Maggiano’s!!!  I did soooo good!  I stuck to Haute foods like I was suppose to.  Mason was cranky so we ditched out before the cake was served. 😉  I had 4 pieces of sliced sirloin, asparagus, spinach salad(with a little too much dressing), and 4 button mushrooms(took out the breaded pesto in between it).

Dinner:  Went to Tran’s Grandma’s house.  They had grilled pork there, so I had that with some salad and beans.  I’m not sure what the pork was marinated with because it was bought from a Vietnamese restaurant.  It probably had some sugar in it and fish sauce.

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