Thursday Ramblings – 10/07/2010

7 Oct

Man, I got so much work to do.  So much to do at home too!  I need a weekend where I don’t have anything planned and can just what I want to do.

I read this thread on the crossfit board yesterday, and it seems as though this girl is exactly like me.

She’s a petite female, wanting to lose the extra 5 pounds to look lean.  Everyone is suggesting the same thing as Summer has suggested to me, cut out the protein!  Some days, it’s ok, some days, I feel as though the protein is what I gravitate towards, because that is what is satisfying and what I think is filling.  I have to work harder on this if I want to reach my goal.

No workout today because I fear out what tomorrow’s workout will be.  Tim said it’s going to be 3 weeks of “getting to know crossfit”, and I want to do well.  LOL.

6:00 – Sippin’ on my americano.

9:55 – Breakfast: roasted veggies with a few pieces of boiled chicken.

12:00 – Lunch: I got hungry early!  Roasted chicken with veggies and 1/4 of an avocado.

4:00 – Snack: Some beef jerky, 1/4 of  an avocado and chicken breast deli slices…UGH TOO MUCH PROTEIN

7:30 – Dinner: 4oz basil caper salmon with boiled bok choy and zucchini


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