Grace – 10/13/2010

13 Oct

Sleep was pretty good.  I slept from 830 to 330, and got out of bed at 430.  Not sure why I woke up at 330, but I couldn’t really go  back to sleep.

5:00 – CFPA

Strength – Front Squat: 83#(3)-93#(3) – 103#(3)- 113#(1)- 123#(1) – 128#(1), I didn’t hit a PR.  I thought I did when I did the 128, but I calculated wrong because I was using a 33# bar, thinking that I was using a 45# bar.  Stupid me.  Oh well, I WILL PR NEXT WEEK!

Met-con: Grace!  AAAH, I didn’t do as well as I’d hope, but oh well.  88#, finished in 7:14

9:00 – Breakfast: 3 fried eggs with 3 asparagus.

1:30 – Lunch: EEEh, not so exciting.  Some salad with hamburger patty.  Didn’t eat much of the salad, so I had half an avocado w/ 1 slice of roast beef deli meat.

4:00 – Snack: Deli meat

7:00 – Pork chop wrapped in 1 slice of bacon with roasted veggies.


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    […] the risk? Definitely no. Could I have pushed a little bit more though? Probably. I went heavier last time we did Grace, with 88#s. I wonder what it would of taken me this time. I felt really good, so […]

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