Last weekend warrior series competition -10/16/2010

17 Oct

Oooh man… I was not mentally for this prepared to compete today. Matt got hit by a car yesterday and he Hirt his arm so I have to do it in his place. I’m so nervous because I want to win and it doesnt look like we will. At least I’ll get a good workout. I just feel physically tired too! I haven’t pr’ed any of the workouts lately so either I’m tired or bot eating enough. I don’t want to embarrass our team, especially since we are going against our old gym.

8:00-Breakfast: I needed some fuel so 1 drumstick/thigh and roasted veggies.

10:00 – Snack: 3 deli chicken breast slices with 1/4 an avocado

12:00 – Chipper: 2 people work at a time(4 people on a team) 120 squat cleans(155#/105#), 120 Toes to Bar, 120 burpees(jumping over bar), 200 m buddy carry, and 20 muscle ups.  AAAH, it was tough but I got through it.  I started to get 4 squat cleans at a time, then I went down to 2, and I was completely rounding my back.  ICK!  I’m bruised all over, and hurting from the Toes to Bar.  I felt so bad, because time basically did 19 muscle ups for the team.  Hunter, the other guy on our team, got 1, which was great, because he was trying the entire time.  Tim also picked up on the squat cleans too.  I’m so not up to bar with these people.  I gotta get stronger and lose the belly fat.  My abs are weak!!  Check this pic out, you can totally see my tummy bulging, and the curve on my arms…still doesn’t look tone!  Looks more like fat!


For the rest of the day, I ate a lot of protein(beef, grass fed hot dog, spicy sausage), hardly any veggies, and 1 slice of Tillamock cheese(all natural).

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