Waking up late is NOT the bizness! – 10/20/2010

20 Oct

Ugh!  I have this habit of sleeping and then waking up to check my phone to see what time it was.  It was 3:30 this morning, and I knew  I should try to go back to sleep until my alarm goes off.  I was tossing and turning dreaming.  I heard the alarm, and I turned it off, knowing that I should of snoozed it.  I was telling myself, I’ll stay in bed 10 minutes longer.  Nope, it ended up being 50 minutes longer, and I had missed my Crossfit class. 😦  Today was the last day of the Front Squat too, and I didn’t PR last week, so this week was the chance for me.  I’m so upset and now I feel my day is off.

Oh, and I weighed myself — 117!  Not sure what is going on, but I guess I seriously do have to cut out the protein.  BLEH!

Oh shit- I forgot to log yesterday.  No workout yesterday, just ate and ate.  LOL.  I didn’t have breakfast until 12, and by that time breakfast wasn’t enough, so I had my lunch too.  3 eggs, 1 leg/thigh roasted chicken and roasted veggies.  Dinner: I made Paleo Jambalaya and it was a hit!  YUMMY!  But I also had 2.5 slices of Tillamook cheese to go with it.  God, it’s so good, and I can’t eat anymore!

8:50 – Breakfast:  I had a little bit jambalaya left from last night, and it had 3 small chicken pieces and 1 shrimp.  I added 2 poached eggs to it and some roasted veggies to make it more fulfilling.  Hopefully this will last me until 1.

12:00 – Lunch: Roasted turkey with lots of steamed carrots and a side of other roasted veggies.

6:30 – Dinner:  I should of took a picture!!!!  We had these shrimp from seattle.  HUGE TIGER PRAWNS!!  So I made a Paleo Shrimp Scampi out of it.  It was delicious.  I roasted some brussel sprouts with it, and cleaned the plate!  Tran had it with some pasta.  YUM YUM YUM!


8:30 – Snack:  This was bad!  I ate 3 slices of Tillamook cheese.  I don’t know why, but at least there’s no more now!


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