Front Squat PR…FINALLY!! – 10/21/2010

21 Oct

Since I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, I went today.  2 days rest was good!

6:00 – CFPA
Strength – Today was suppose to be a step up skill day, but Tim let me do Front Squats, because it was just me and Sadlier.

FS : 83#(3) – 113#(3) – 123#(3)- 133#(1) – 138#(F)- 138#(F).  I don’t know why, but I didn’t try hard enough on the 138#.  I was happy with the PR of 133# because I haven’t PR’ed anything the last 3 weeks.

Metcon – Christine: 3 RFT of 500 m row, 12 Deadlifts(133#), 21 Box Jumps.  I got 14:01.  I think over a minute and a half more than my last time.  But I did BW Deadliftse last time.  This time I did way more than BW. Felt good to get back after two days rest.

8:45 – Breakfast: 3 poached eggs with roasted brussel sprouts in butter.  YUM!

11:45 – Lunch: Went to this place called Lunch with Tony and had a 1/2 soup 1/2 salad combo.  I had a split pea soup(not sure if peas are paleo) and an asian chicken salad.  All ingredients are clean.  Only ate half the soup, and didn’t really finish the salad.

6:00 – Dinner: Mahi Mahi pan fried fish from trader joes with some brussel sprouts.  Then I had salami afterwards for a late night snack.


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