Whole30(Day 1) and Biggest Loser Challenge – 10/25/2010

25 Oct

Alright, let’s just say this weekend was all bad, starting on Friday with the bundt cakes.  It just went down hill.  How do I feel today?  Physically, I feel fat, swollen, hot, bloated, flabby, etc.  Mentally, I feel tired, discouraged, and irritated!  Why?!?!  First, for the last 4 weeks, my numbers at the gym have gone down.  Not only strength, but also metcon.  Again, I was off by 1 minute in our met-con WOD today. How irritating is that?!?!?  And I feel fat.  So nothing is working my way.  I was suppose to start Whole30 yesterday, but since 2 of my friends wanted to do a biggest loser challenge starting today, I figured I’ll start Whole30 today too.  Whole9Life has a version 3.0, but isn’t much different from version 2.0.  I bought the guide because it actually tells you how much protein you should be eating as well as fat.   Our challenge last 8 weeks, so I put all my effort into Whole30 for half of the challenge.  Even though I have to weigh in every Monday because of the challenge, I’m going to ignore those numbers until after 30 days.  Then if I don’t see any type of results, whether it’s the weight number, the metcon numbers, or the strength numbers, then I will re-evaluate my nutrition plan.  Maybe Paleo isn’t for me, but we will see.  I am going to really follow the strict guidelines(which includes the portion sizes) outlined in the Whole 30 guide.  A palm size of protein…my palm is small!!  But I have to up the veggies and fat.  And if I’m hungry, I got to eat a snack!

Also, I want to understand why my metcons are so slow now.  Is it because there are more people in the class now?  That shouldn’t be it right, because that should push me even more!  Is it because I’m carrying around extra flab?  Strange, because in August, I was carrying around the flab and still felt stronger.  I was snacking a lot though, on cashews, and Paleo Krunch, etc.  I was also doing more cardio.  For some reason, the last 3 weeks, I stopped doing runs or Crossfit Endurance stuff.  I need to get back at that, starting tomorrow.  Okay, I knew this was going to be tough, but I just got put into a reality check this weekend, and I am ready.

5:00 – CFPA

Strength : Cleans – 63#(5) – 73#(5) – 83#(5) – 93#(3) – 103#(3) – 103#(2- I couldn’t get the last 1 up)- 93#(3) Last set was to work on form.

Metcon: 400mrun, 24T2B, 24 Box Jumps, 200m run, 16T2B, 16 Box Jumps, 200 mRun 8 T2B, 8Box Jumps, 400m run.  Total Time 12:57

This sucked!  I did this in August and it was 11:55.  I was gassed, and I finished last.  I didn’t reach some of the T2B.  How sad is that!

8:30 – Breakfast: I had chicken & shrimp veggie soup and 1 hard boiled egg.  There was 1 JUMBO shrimp in it, and maybe 3 small pieces of chicken breast.  The rest was filled with veggies.

12:10 – Lunch: Salad with cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, shredded beef brisket, olive oil, dijon mustard, and a little bit of juice from the brisket.  I put the brisket in the slow cooker yesterday, so I think I have at least 4 days of lunch.  Here’s  a pic:

4:00 – Snack: 1/4 of an avocado, 1 hard boiled egg, and 1 small gala apple

6:30 – Dinner: Roasted Chicken breast with roasted veggies.  I didn’t eat all of the chicken breast.  I should of because I ended up eating 2 hard boiled eggs afterwards.  I just love fresh hard boiled eggs

8:30 – Snack: Late snack because I roasted another chicken and ate some of the wings and skin.  YUMMY!


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