Day3 of Whole30 – 10/27/2010

27 Oct

I feel great today.  No more sluggishness!  Yesterday I worked out, and today I worked out.  I didn’t feel sluggish during the workout either, although I could always go faster.  I need to work on the mental aspect of doing a WOD.  I must push through and not let drop the bar after 2 reps.  Come on..fight through the pain!  It doesn’t last forever!

5:00 – CFPA

Strength – 1 legged Deadlift: 5(53#)-5(73#)- 5(83#)- 3(83#)-3(83#)-3(88#)-3(88#): Need to keep the core tight!  This is a great strength move to work on the core

Met-con: 400 m run, 21 SDHP, 400 m run, 21 PJs, 400 m run 21 Thrusters. 65#/Rx’d – Time: 11:52

PWO Meal- Following Whole30, I had a post workout meal right when I got into the car and driving to work(within 15 minutes of finishing the WOD).  I had a small piece of roasted chicken breast(dinner that I didn’t finish), some sweet potato fries, and 1/4 of an avocado.  YUMMY!

8:30 – Breakfast: Soup with veggies and chicken breast.  1 egg white.

11:45 – Lunch: Went to Chipolte and had a steak salad with a side of guacamole.  Clean ingredients although a little too salty.  I’ll be drinking lots of water today!

3:00 – Ugh!  I want to eat good tasty yummy sweets!  Why can’t I have any of that!!  Because I put myself through this test.  And what is this test for?!  Is it to prove that I don’t have to eat sweets?  Because I’ve been down this path.  Can’t I enjoy something?  Sorry, I’m babbling, because I want something to munch on and I have nothing here, so my mind is wondering to forbidden places!

5:00 – Came home and snacked on brisket and pork.  LOL.

6:30 – Dinner: Chicken breast with roasted veggies.


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