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Another Cardio Day – 11/17/2010

17 Nov

10:30 – Had a couple bits of my breakfast, but I was going to run soon, so I didn’t finish it

11:15 – Ran 2.71 miles with Steve and it took us about 25 minutes.  The last .71 mile was tough because we were going faster.  I just wanted to finish w/o stopping.

12:45 – Lunch: Roasted chicken breast, my chorizo frittata slice from breakfast, and some roasted veggies.  I didn’t have enough veggies, so  I had a small pink lady apple.


Cardio Day – 11/16/2010

16 Nov

IF till 12:30 PM

11:00 – Ran less than 2 miles outside.  I felt tired!  Dragging my feet.

12:30 – Lunch: 1 chicken thigh/leg with roasted veggies.

Goal is to not over eat since I fasted this morning.

6:00 – Dinner: Beef stew with sauerkraut.  I didn’t have that many veggies in the beef stew, just carrots.  So I need more veggies, and sauerkraut seemed to fit the bill.  I was still hungry afterwards so I had a larabar for dessert.

Jeans and why they rip – 11/15/2010

15 Nov

They rip because you don’t fit in them anymore.  They rip because after a crazy time trial workout, your thighs are just swollen!  They rip because you got extra fat.  Or could it be muscle.  Or maybe it’s because you decided to have bread and cupcakes to celebrate an anniversary.  Well whatever the reason may be, it happened to me this morning.  I pulled myself into some jeans.  These are the smallest pair I own and I’ve been holding onto them.  Yes, my love handles show, my tummy shows, but shit..I was still able to pull them on.  They were loose on me in March when I lost weight by just calorie reduction.  But now, not anymore.  What the hell is wrong!  Is something wrong?  I went back to Summer’s post about “Heavy Back Squat” jeans, just to make me feel better.  What a way to start the day, and it’s only 8 AM.

CFPA- Time Trials

400 m Run: 1:29 – about 20 seconds faster than last time

500 m Row: 2:04:2 – Slower

50 Pull ups – 4:41.  I don’t remember exactly, but at least I got under 5 minutes.  My forearms were on fire after the rowing.  Why did I drop when I had 1 last pull up to do…STUPID!!!

50 Push ups – 1:20.  This is an approximate time too

50 sit ups- 1:17.  This is an approximate time too.

50 squats – :59

9:00 – Breakfast: Chorizo frittata with roasted veggies

11:45 – Lunch: Salmon from last night’s dinner with asparagus and sweet potatoes

Weekend recap of my Whole30 Failure

15 Nov

BOOOOO!  Fail Fail Fail!  I knew I was setting myself up for failure and I failed.  BIG TIME.  And what was it…warm toasty hot out of the oven sourdough bread.  Oh and a few mini cupcakes!  **SIGH**

Tran and I went to celebrate our 12 year anniversary of being together.  It was our first real date in a long time.  We went to the house of prime rib.  I couldn’t say no, and once I ate it, I couldn’t stop!  Luckily, bread and a couple sips of wine was the only thing non Whole30 I had at the restaurant.  That’s not saying much though, because when I got home, I dug into some mini cupcakes that we had.  I ate about 4 tiny little cupcakes w/o the frosting.

So that was that.  I’m not going to dwell on it.  I know I can do it, and I know how to eat clean.  I know I feel much better every time I eat clean, and I yearn for the times where I can restart my clean eating habits.  So what now?  Start Whole30 again?

I was reading a lot of articles this weekend, and wondering if Paleo is really for me.  Maybe I need more carbs, and I shouldn’t go ketosis.  Lately I think I’ve been in the range of 50-80 grams of carbs a day, and maybe that isn’t good.  Maybe I need 100-150 carbs per day and keep the protein at a normal level, instead of going overboard with the protein to keep me satiated.  I was thinking either oatmeal of Ezekiel bread in the morning.  But why!!  Why do I need grains? Why can’t I just get them from veggies.  A HALF A PLATE OF VEGGIES ALL THE TIME!!!  Why is that so difficult.  I need to change my portion sizes.  FOCUS ON VEGGIES, eat veggies…more variety!

I went back to eating clean on Sunday and it wasn’t that difficult.  I’m so at a lost.  If something is working, I need to shake it up right? Will it hurt me?  No, it’ll just take time.  OOOH, and for the past two months…SLEEP SUCKED!

Day 18 of Whole30 – 11/11/2010

11 Nov

8:00 – Breakfast: leftover pork wrapped in bacon with cabbage.

11:00 – Lunch: leftover bison and 1 drumstick with roasted veggies

Day 17 of Whole30 – 11/10/2010

10 Nov

5:00 – CFPA

Strength – 1Legged Deadlift.  No PR today.  63#(3)  – 83#(3)- 93#(3) – 103#(1) – 103#(1) – 113#(1)

Metcon – 3 RFT: 400 m run, 21 box jumps(20″), 12 OHS(65#) – 14:36

PWO Meal: 2 eggs whites plus some sweet potatoes that I made last night.

9:25 – Breakfast: Chorizo frittata with roasted veggies, and sauteed cabbage

11:50 – Lunch: Barbacoa w/ salad and guacomole

5:00 – Snack: Some leftover Bison and bits of pork

6:30 – Dinner: 3 drumsticks with roasted veggies

Day 16 of Whole30 – 11/09/2010

9 Nov

5:20 – Cardio: Ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes.  Just got a good sweat on.

8:30 – Breakfast: Chorizo sausage frittata with roasted veggies!  mmmMMMMmmm i heart chorizo!

WOW, I was hungry at 10 AM!

12:00 – Lunch: Small salad with 1 burger patty and avocado

1:30 – 2 egg whites!  I’m hungry already!!!  Or, am I just bored here at work. 😦

3:15 – Snack: Ugh!  I caved and had a apple pie larabar.  Taste so good.  I hope it helps the energy levels.

6:00 – Dinner: Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon with cabbage.  So freakin’ delicious!!!  It took a lot of willpower to not eat another piece!  I only had two..this is Tran’s dish.  Oh ya, I also made some sweet potatoes with this(covered in bacon fat and cinnamon).  Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the sweet potatoes, but they were yummy!