Day 8 of Whole30 – 11/01/2010

1 Nov

What a weekend!  A true testament of willpower!  It was torture, but I knew if I got through the weekend, then I would have a total of 14 days of Whole 30 down.  What did I do to get past the torture…bought sweets for other people.  Is that right?!  First of on Friday, I browsed the candy aisle for Halloween.  I felt bad that Tran bought dum dums and laffy taffy.  Who enjoys those types of candy.  NOT I!  LOL.  So I bought a bag of kit kats.  I was going to buy more(like TWIX), but I didn’t.  Then on Saturday, I went to Nothing Bundt Cakes to get my sister a birthday cake.  I also bought my Dad a chocolate bundtlet.  OOOH the temptation, but I was good.  I sat and watched my whole family eat the bundt cake and I didn’t even touch it.  Halloween morning, I went to Physco Donuts.  They are known for their crazy decorations on the donuts, and I got 7 for Tran.  LOL – I knew he wasn’t going to eat any, so I gave some to our neighbors, Darius and Charlize.  I still have 3 left, and I put them in the break room.  We took Mason trick o treating too, and he got a bunch of candy.  The kids were eating candy(and so were the adults!), right in front of me.  I didn’t touch it.  Smelled it yes, but I didn’t open it up and touch it.

Why do I put myself through this torture.  I know if I break, I’m going to splurge, because that’s how I am.  I need to start to learn how to have self control.  Is that a weakness that I need to work on?

Back to eating Whole 30.  I ate mostly clean.  There was probably some sugar in the marinated protein that I ate at the restaurant for my sister’s bday.  What was I to do?!  But I stayed away from the fish sauce.  I probably ate TOO much protein this week.  I weighed myself Friday morning, and I was 118.3(down 4.7 #s!).  This morning was the second weigh in, and I was 119#.  So, I think I definitely ate too much protein and not enough veggies.  Probably a little too much salt too because I didn’t cook some of the food.  Oh well.  Here’s to a new week!

Side note – SLEEP sucked this weekend, even though I should be sleeping better.  It just sucked.  Also, last night, I had to wake up and POO.  It was runny too.  It was runny all of yesterday.  Not sure why!!  Either its the coconut oil, or the Viet food that I had for my sister’s bday.

5:00 – CFPA – Went to the new box today.  Much bigger space!  A little further, but oh well.

Strength – Cleans: 63#(5)-83#(3)-93#(3)-103#(3)-108#(1)-118#(F)-113#(1) No PR.  I don’t know if I will PR next week.  I just need to stay focused.

Metcon – Black Run, 50 Box Jumps(20″), 40 KB Swings(35#), 30 Burpees, 20 DB Shoulder to OH.  10:07.

PWO: Egg whites and sweet potatoes, with a little bit of coconut oil.

8:15 – Breakfast: 2 fried eggs+extra egg whites with roasted brussel sprouts. 1/4 of an avocado.

11:30 – Lunch: I didn’t bring a lunch today.  Went to the cafeteria and got some beef and veggies.  Not sure what the beef is marinated in, but it taste like all spice.  The carrots are delicious.  They taste like sugar.  Makes me wonder if there really is sugar in them.  Can’t be…they do Weight Watchers here!!

5:00 – Snack: 2 slices of deli chicken meat with 1/4 of an avocado.

6:00 – Dinner: Beef burger(no bun) with 3 slices of avocado.  Still hungry and had 2 quarter lemon vinagerette chicken from sonoma chicken coop.  Definitely ate too much protein, but I was hungry!!


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