Day 10 of Whole30 – 11/03/2010

3 Nov

Woke up to go to CFPA, but felt guilty when I heard Mason cry.  He has a fever, and was pouty all night.  My poor baby.  So, after we got him settled, I just did the 1 Legged Deadlifts at work.

5:30 – 1 legged Deadlift: 45#(3), 65#(3), 85#(3), 95#(3), 105#(1) I failed a couple times, and kept on trying until I could pull it up and put it back down properly with 105#s, 115#(1)

7:30 – Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs plus some brussel sprouts.  Not sure if this is going to last me till lunch time.

11:30 – Lunch: Chicken and leftover tilapia with baby broccoli and brussel sprouts from the cafeteria.  The brussel sprouts were a little bit salty, but it was still good.

6:00 – Dinner: BBQ Pork(don’t ASK!), and some chicken with veggies.


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