Day 11 of Whole 30 – 11/04/2010

4 Nov

Sleep sucked last night too.  I think I’m getting used to waking up in the middle of the night now.  I’m not as groggy.  LOL, not a good sign.

6:00 – CFPA

Strength – Front Squat: 93#(3) – 103#(3)- 113#(3), 123#(1)- 133#(1)-138#(1) – Again I failed at 138#.  The 133# wasn’t good either, and I had to fight through that one.  Oh well.

Metcon – 10 Rounds of 3 deadlifts(185#), 5 clapping push-ups, 7 ab-mat situps: 8:59.  First WOD doing 185# deadlifts.  I’m probably going to feel it tomorrow.

PWO: Sweet potatoes and egg whites.

9:45 – Breakfast: 2 pieces of chicken thigh with brussel sprouts.

12:00 – Lunch: Chipolte, barbacoa(shredded beef) salad with salsa and 2 oz of guac

6:00 – Dinner: A huge grass fed steak with a little bit of veggies.  Not portioned, but it tasted good!


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