Jeans and why they rip – 11/15/2010

15 Nov

They rip because you don’t fit in them anymore.  They rip because after a crazy time trial workout, your thighs are just swollen!  They rip because you got extra fat.  Or could it be muscle.  Or maybe it’s because you decided to have bread and cupcakes to celebrate an anniversary.  Well whatever the reason may be, it happened to me this morning.  I pulled myself into some jeans.  These are the smallest pair I own and I’ve been holding onto them.  Yes, my love handles show, my tummy shows, but shit..I was still able to pull them on.  They were loose on me in March when I lost weight by just calorie reduction.  But now, not anymore.  What the hell is wrong!  Is something wrong?  I went back to Summer’s post about “Heavy Back Squat” jeans, just to make me feel better.  What a way to start the day, and it’s only 8 AM.

CFPA- Time Trials

400 m Run: 1:29 – about 20 seconds faster than last time

500 m Row: 2:04:2 – Slower

50 Pull ups – 4:41.  I don’t remember exactly, but at least I got under 5 minutes.  My forearms were on fire after the rowing.  Why did I drop when I had 1 last pull up to do…STUPID!!!

50 Push ups – 1:20.  This is an approximate time too

50 sit ups- 1:17.  This is an approximate time too.

50 squats – :59

9:00 – Breakfast: Chorizo frittata with roasted veggies

11:45 – Lunch: Salmon from last night’s dinner with asparagus and sweet potatoes


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