Weekend recap of my Whole30 Failure

15 Nov

BOOOOO!  Fail Fail Fail!  I knew I was setting myself up for failure and I failed.  BIG TIME.  And what was it…warm toasty hot out of the oven sourdough bread.  Oh and a few mini cupcakes!  **SIGH**

Tran and I went to celebrate our 12 year anniversary of being together.  It was our first real date in a long time.  We went to the house of prime rib.  I couldn’t say no, and once I ate it, I couldn’t stop!  Luckily, bread and a couple sips of wine was the only thing non Whole30 I had at the restaurant.  That’s not saying much though, because when I got home, I dug into some mini cupcakes that we had.  I ate about 4 tiny little cupcakes w/o the frosting.

So that was that.  I’m not going to dwell on it.  I know I can do it, and I know how to eat clean.  I know I feel much better every time I eat clean, and I yearn for the times where I can restart my clean eating habits.  So what now?  Start Whole30 again?

I was reading a lot of articles this weekend, and wondering if Paleo is really for me.  Maybe I need more carbs, and I shouldn’t go ketosis.  Lately I think I’ve been in the range of 50-80 grams of carbs a day, and maybe that isn’t good.  Maybe I need 100-150 carbs per day and keep the protein at a normal level, instead of going overboard with the protein to keep me satiated.  I was thinking either oatmeal of Ezekiel bread in the morning.  But why!!  Why do I need grains? Why can’t I just get them from veggies.  A HALF A PLATE OF VEGGIES ALL THE TIME!!!  Why is that so difficult.  I need to change my portion sizes.  FOCUS ON VEGGIES, eat veggies…more variety!

I went back to eating clean on Sunday and it wasn’t that difficult.  I’m so at a lost.  If something is working, I need to shake it up right? Will it hurt me?  No, it’ll just take time.  OOOH, and for the past two months…SLEEP SUCKED!


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