New Year…New Goals

3 Jan

What type of goals do I have for myself this year?  At first I thought, if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d have tons of goals to set for myself.  But shit, I’m only going to be pregnant for half the year.  I can still set goals that’ll start in June or July.  Shoot, why can’t I accomplish goals WHILE I’m pregnant.  It’s not like I’m handicap, and they don’t just have to be about dieting.  So here’s my list for 2011.


1. Do Whole30 while pregnant(starting Feb 14th) and after pregnancy (July or August)

2. Control the SUGAR intake which means eat only fruit.  Read labels, to make sugar ingredients don’t have added sugar in it.  No additives such as Stevia, Equal, etc.  Even natural sugars must be limited if not eliminated.


1. Do 100 day burpee challenge

2.  String together double unders.  This I can definitely do while pregnant.

3.  Deadlift 300#.  Hmm…this one is a tough one, but I want to get there!  I probably can’t work on this goal until after the baby comes out.

4.  20 unbroken kipping pull ups

5.  Sub 10 Helen!


1.  Stop surfing the web as much.  If you knew how much I spend fb-ing or surfing the web while at work, I’d probably get fired.  This has got to change.

2.  Focus more on technology and learning about my field.  DO MORE INVESTIGATION and be more involved!


1.  Clean my own house!  I hire someone to come clean, but I should do it myself more often.

2.  Keep the room less messy

3.  Get new bed for Mason and new bed for Mommy and Daddy.  This requires me to find EXTRA funds, so I have to start saving more!


1.  Must have more date nights.  Once a month AT LEAST!  Or lunch dates!

2.  Be understanding and listen to the other’s point of view.  I think I already do this, but it’s always good to remind myself.


1.  Pay attention to Mason more

2.  Sacrifice my wants for my kids future!  This means, no more car payments!

3.  Open 529s for both kids.

I got more to add, especially to the wifey and mommy duties.  To be continued…


One Response to “New Year…New Goals”

  1. SUEsieB January 3, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    Nice..I love them all!

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