Cardio – How agonizing!

4 Jan

Today’s workout was BLAH!  I felt so exhausted just running half a mile.  Not sure what it is but I need to get out of this funk.  Hopefully in a week, it’ll get better, and I want to start running on Saturdays again.  I walked and ran 2.25 miles.

Yesterday’s goal –  I made it through not eating sugar!  I was really tempted to have something after dinner since I was at home alone, but I decided to bake some bacon instead, munch on a few, and then go to bed.  It was close, but I did it.  Today, I have two oranges with me.  We’ll see if I eat them.  I just need to DETOX, and not give in to sugar cravings.  Oh ya, no grains yesterday either! 😉

7:30 – 2 pieces of bacon with 2 hardboiled eggs smashed together with some pepper

9:00 – a scoop of almond butter(I’m HUNGRY!)

UGH! I was so hungry I caved at 11 and ate my orange.  What I should of done was eat my lunch.

11:30 – I had a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR chili craving.  And all I wanted was the chili from Lunch with Tony’s.  It’s so flavorful and full of meat!  But, it had beans.  So this is what I did with the beans while I was eating my chili and salad.

3:00 – Small handful of macadamia nuts!  WOW, these are good.  I’ve never really had them by themselves.

5:00 – 2 asian pears, so much for limiting fruit!

6:00 – Grilled shrimp and grilled bell peppers with baked sweet potatoes.  Also had two pieces of bacon with guac.  YUM!


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