5 Jan

Oh how I loathe thee.  If you know of Crossfit you definitely know of this girl named Fran.  She’s a combination of thrusters and pull-ups at 95#(for men) and 65#(for women).  21-15-9 is the rep scheme.  That’s it.  Firebreathers have killed Fran in under 2 minutes.  Girls like Elyse Umeda have done the RX’d weight for men in under 5 minutes…4:45 to be exact.  Yet, I can’t seem to beat my PR.  Last time I did Fran, I got 7:30, and that time was not a PR.  This time I did Fran, I got 9:20!!!  The 15 thruster reps were killer!  I kept grasping for air and dropping the bar.  I really think it’s just a mental game, and I gotta fight through it.  Hold my breathe or something.  Remember, one of my goals was to get 20 kipping pull ups in a row.  Well if I hit that goal, my Fran time will definitely go down.   I just have to remember to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.


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