Whole9 Coming to the YAY AREA!!!

12 Jan

Can you tell I’m excited?!?!  I’ve been wanting to go to their seminars for a very long time, and I’ve been stalking their site to see if they would ever come to California.  Slowly, they’ve navigated their way to Northern California, and now on March 5th, they will be at Mad Dawgg Fitness in Redwood City!  WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOO!

Some background about who Whole9 is.  Whole9 was formed by Melissa and Dallas to promote not only the Paleo movement, but clean wholesome eating.  They agree with most of the Paleo “guidelines”, however they take it a step further, pushing for foods that are natural and made natural.  None of that processed sh*t.  The fewer the ingredients on the ingredients list, the BETTER!  And they test you by telling you to push the reset button and clean up your body in 30 days using the Whole30 program.  30 days of clean eating.  No sugar, no starch, no grains, no legumes, no processing, no EXCUSES!

I’ve done Whole30 before, but definitely didn’t limit the portions.  I just ate and ate and ate.  Then I purchased the Whole30 Success Guide, and saw the portions.  No wonder I gained weight!  So, this 1 day seminar will answer the question of what I’ve been doing wrong, even though I’ve been doing everything right.  And I need to freakin’ grow up and tackle my sugar demons once and for all!

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is when I start my Whole30 again.  And when I go to this seminar I’ll be half way through the program.  Some of my 5AM CFPA tribe members will be coming with me, so it should be very fun and educational!  So so excited!


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