BTB Tabata Squats

14 Jan

Oh, tabata, I love tabata! That’s what I said when Tim started writing our WOD on the board.

BTB Tabata Squats THEN 1 mile run

But what’s “BTB” everyone asks? BTB = Bottom to Bottom. As you might know, tabata is a 20 sec work 10 sec rest WOD for 8 rounds, which totals 4 minutes. The caveat with this WOD was that with BTB Squats, when you rest, you are resting at the squat position. Okay, that doesn’t seem too bad, right? OOOH ya, wait until the 4th round, then when you get up from the rest position, you’ll waste about 2 or 3 seconds waiting for your quads to unravel itself so you can get down to the squat position again.

I cranked out 20 and 19 squats respectively for the 1st and 2nd round. Then I stayed at 15 and 13 for a few rounds, and ended up with the score of 12 squats after our last tabata round. The rest felt like it took FOREVER! It definitely hurt. And after the last round, we all stood up and walked outside to run the mile. No one was able to pick up their legs to run quickly out of the driveway. Well except for the new guy Chris, and he did real well.

My time for the mile was 9:06 – 12 squats, so the final score was 8:54. Not too bad for a pregnant lady, and I did scrub while running. A little scary, but I think I’m A-OK. Great way to end a week of hard workouts.

I should note that we did Press for Strength, and I could not get the 80# up. I didn’t want to push too hard, but I need to keep my core tight. Oh well, I will try again next week.


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