Sumo Deadlift High Pulls(SDHP)

19 Jan

I used to hate SDHP. I cringed every time the coach wrote it on the board. They were the worst, and only because I didn’t know what I was doing. 45# sounds so heavy when doing this lift, and my arms always tired out.

But now, 2 years later, I’ve learned to actually like them. 65# doesn’t seem as heavy anymore, and they sound easier than box jumps. I know..crazy huh! Today’s workout made me feel great, and made me regret missing Monday because I was lazy.

50 Double Unders
Switch between the two exercises:
1->10 SDHP
10->1 Box Jumps
50 Double Unders

Time: 14:13.

I was trying to catch up to Henry, but he finished the last double unders faster than me. Ugh, I really need to work on that new years goal that I had. Stringing together the double unders would of probably saved me 3 or 4 minutes. Great workout!!!

Oh, and my 5AMers were kind enough to get me a bag of “Paleo Candy”. LOL. Coconut butter, 100% cacao, 85% dark chocolate, and macadamia butter. This will definitely help me in Whole30 next month. Thanks guys! 🙂


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