Fight Gone Bad

26 Jan

We all came into class sore. After the warmup, I still felt a little bit stiff, but it was all good because FGB would definitely loosen me up! Here’s the workout:

  • Wall Balls
  • SDHP 75/55
  • Box Jumps 20″
  • Push Press 75/55
  • Calorie Row
  • 3 rounds: Rest 1 min between rounds

    The worst for me was probably the calorie rows and wall balls. Hmm…and box jumps because I’m so slow at them! I can’t really practice box jumps because I’m preggs, so that will have to suffer a little while longer. The calorie row was the slowest, and I felt like I was pulling hard, but I guess not hard enough. The first round I got 12 calories, second round I got 10 calories, and third round I got 11 calories. I was hoping for 15.

    I am proud of my wall balls though. Most of them hit the 10 ft. marker, but didn’t go above the 10 ft. marker. Because of that my total was not RX’d. If I subtract about 10 or 12 reps from my score, I would be RX’d. I’ve done this workout before at the old gym, and got close to 80 per round. But that was probably with a lighter wall ball weight, and definitely NOT to 10 ft.

    Good times at the gym, and I’m not sore anymore! Let’s see how I feel tonight.


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