Ending the week with more Power Cleans!

28 Jan

Just wanted to say TGIF! And congrats to everyone at CFPA for making it through the first full week of longer WODs. Tim chose some great WODs that pushed us, and when I looked at the board, I saw some amazing numbers. HIGH FIVE!

Today, our 5AM crew ended the week with Handstand Push Ups and Power cleans…oh ya, and a run..BLEH.


  • 400 m run
  • 10 HSPUs
  • Power Cleans(95#)
  • I scaled the HSPUs. It’s not like I can do one in a WOD, but I decided not to use the jet pack and just use the box to scale it. Another skill that I need to learn after I give birth. I took my time with the power cleans, and I think that helped me in get through the WOD and finish second. WOO HOO! 95# is pretty heavy especially since I’m preggs, and I know I shouldn’t rush it too much, and make sure my form is right. I just had to get through 12 of them!

    One of the Crossfit videos that reminded me of our WOD today was the ladder WOD with Power cleans and HSPUs between Camille LeBlanc and Miranda Ordrolyd. Team Rogue and Team Again Faster got together in South Lake Tahoe for a few days to throwdown, and this was event #16. Camille is a tiny girl! 5’3″, and Miranda called her out with 135# power cleans which is EASY for her, and Camille came back with HSPUs. They decided on a ladder WOD, 10 power cleans, 2 HSPU, 8 power cleans, 4 HSPUs, and so on.

    As you can see in the video, Camille was just trying to get through the heavy power cleans, knowing that she could catch up with the HSPUs. Lots of determination from both girls. Love this video!

    Lesson: Just focus on getting through the WOD, and know where to push yourself, and keep moving! Oh! And much props to all those that did the HSPUs RX’d!

    Result: 17:44


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