Whole 30 – Day 3

9 Feb

Aaaah, I’m all over the place today! First, my alarm woke me up, and I turned it off. I thought to myself, I will lay here for 5 more minutes. I woke up at 4:50, and it was too late for me to get to CFPA without having to do burpees as a penalty. LOL. My little munchkin was not a happy camper last night, and he ended up in our room. He did not want to sleep, so I was in and out of sleep for two hours. Oh well, I’ll work on the deadlifts tomorrow, and do a short run on the treadmill.

Today, I went to trader joe’s and was tempted with lots of fruits, and nuts. My BFF bought this Monkey Business Trek Mix, and I was so tempted to get it myself(I’m not sure if it’s called that exactly). But it had coconiblets which was covered in coconut oil! WOW, I was surprised. I didn’t think any store would carry any product that had coconut oil in it. It might be cheaper to cover it with sunflower oil. Of course, the whole packet contained some non-Whole30 complaint ingredients, but hey…I credit TJ’s for taking another step in the right direction.

Because I was tempted to buy these nut mixes, I decided to purchase some PrimalPacs. These are the only jerky/nut mix that is Whole30 complaint, and endorsed by Whole9 themselves! I can make the jerky at home, but I want the dried fruit, which isn’t so easy to make. I’ve tried Paleo Kits before, and loved them, but they have too much sugar in it for Whole30. If you are looking for easy Paleo approved snacks, visit either of the sites, and try some!

Okay, now to my Whole30 eats. I packed everything the night before, because I knew I had to jet out of the house.

Breakfast: 3 fried eggs(in avocado oil) with leftover Roasted Braised Cabbage from Day1 dinner.

Lunch: Leftover rib-eye and chicken from Day 1 and Day2, with caulfilower fried rice and roasted portobello mushrooms.

Snack: Small serving of coconut milk with strawberries and blueberries. Also had a handful of macadamia nuts.
Dinner: I’ll be making another rib-eye steak with the Emeril’s Creole Seasoning. Not sure what sides there will be, but some some sort of greens.

Update(02/10): Can you believe I went to the grocery store 3 times yesterday?!?!? I wanted to make Spicy Sauteed Mushrooms with Anchovy from NomNom Paleo, and I didn’t have enough mushrooms, and no anchovies. I’m so glad I made it, because it made last night’s dinner so different from the previous night. The saltiness of the anchoives gave the mushrooms a great flavor, and love spicy food, so I put lots of red pepper flakes in it. I replaced the butter with avocado oil because butter is not Whole30 complaint. It looks like a lot on my plate, but I didn’t eat most of the green beans. YUMMY!!!

After dinner snack: Strawberries.


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    […] Last week I ordered PrimalPacs. I got an order of 25 for about $85, which includes shipping & handling. Might be on the steep side, because I can now make my own trail mix and jerky, but that’s the cost for convenience. […]

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