Easy Trail Mix

11 Feb

I need something to hold me over for the weekend, and I didn’t want to just depend on fruit. Whole30 guidelines says if you need a snack, ensure that there is fat in that snack. With some inspiration from Fitbomb’s Pineapple/Coconut Trail Mix, I decided to stop by Trader Joe’s and pick up some dried fruits and nuts to make some trail mix. I can snack on this until my primal pacs come in.

I couldn’t find the dried pineapple that I was looking for at TJ’s. Looks like it’ll be out of stock. If I really want some, I can order them from nutsonline. They are a great online resource for dried fruit and nuts. So, I ended up picking up some Dried Blueberries, Roasted and unsalted sunflower seeds, Walnut pieces, Dried Apples, and Just Mango. I already had almond slivers and pistachio nuts at home.

The dried fruit didn’t have any added sugar in it. On my way home, I opened the bag of Just Mangoes, and I couldn’t stop eating it! BAD BAD BAD! I told myself I should never eat while driving, because it’s such a “fat” thing to do. But sheesh, I can’t stop doing it. I ate half the bag, so I only had half left for the trail mix.

Once I got home, I took out my bowl and scale. I started dumping everything I bought into the bowl.

8oz of sunflower seeds
4oz walnut pieces
2oz pistachio nuts
4oz almond slivers
4oz dried blueberries
4oz dried apples(cut up)
2oz of dried mango

I threw everything in a plastic bag, and mixed it up. TADA!

Hopefully this holds me over for a few weeks. Tran thinks two weeks, but I was hoping 4. We shall see! I took a handful of the trail mix and put it into a bowl, and added some blueberries, strawberries, and a small scoop of coconut milk. Definitely delicious! I think watermelon likes it because he/she is pretty active right now!

Jerky would go great with this trail mix too!!

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