TGIF – Grace, Definitely a good one!

11 Feb

I barely made it out this morning. My little munchkin’ decided to wail at 3AM, so he ended up in our bed again, and was trying to wrestle my hubby. I pretended to stay asleep, so he finally settled down, and went back to sleep. I was able to sneak out a little bit before 430, and got to CFPA before 5! I thought I was early, but there were other members there already! Sheesh! LOL.

We worked on our L-sits and Skin the cats today. I definitely was able to hold my L-sits longer this week than last week. And I was able to control my cats around the rings(if that makes any sense!). I didn’t need any assistance to get me around the rings too! Progress?! I hope so! I got two sets of each skill in, so I thought that was good enough.

I’m definitely happy that I was able to come into class today, because we were doing Grace. Grace is 30 clean and jerks at 135(M)/95(F). I’ve never done this workout Rx’d, and didn’t plan to today either. At first, I had 75#s on the bar, but a minute before we were going to start, I decided to add 5 more pounds to it. Why not push myself a little right? It’s just 30 C&Js! I was trying to keep a good pace, and was able to crank out the first 10 in a decent amount of time. The next 5 were starting to get a little tired to me, but I got through them. The last 15 felt slow to me, and I wish I could of controlled the bar more instead of just dropping it. My time was 4:08. Not bad, and I wasn’t that gassed! That means, I should of gone heavier. But it’s that risk/reward issue that I always deal with when I’m pregnant. Is it worth the risk? Definitely no. Could I have pushed a little bit more though? Probably. I went heavier last time we did Grace, with 88#s. I wonder what it would of taken me this time. I felt really good, so I’m wondering if my clean eats for the past few days has had any affect on how I’m feeling. I guess we’ll really test that out next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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