Whole30 Day 6 & 7

13 Feb

The weekend has finally ended and I’m poo-ed! But it was a great weekend with my family, so I can’t complain. Let’s make this nice and simple. In all, I did pretty good. Ate a little too much dried fruit, but I ate it with some fat, so hopefully that balanced out.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. Too bad I spent the first part of the morning at work. I didn’t have an adequate breakfast, so I ate the Easy Trail Mix I made the day before. I stayed at work for a couple hours, then went to TJ’s again to stock up on some stuff that I needed for the week. Came home, and the little munchkin was sleeping, and hubby was hungry, so I made us 4 scrambled eggs to split.

We went to Santana Row to meet some friends for lunch at Pluto’s. It’s so easy to get a Whole30/Paleo meal there. I got a main salad with grilled tri tip. I asked them to add just olive oil, and a bit of vinegarette. As we were strolling along SR, hubby wanted to stop by Ben and Jerry’s. Ugh! Smelled so good in there. I love the smell of fresh waffle cones. Something about it just reminds you of being a little kid at the candy store. 🙂 It wasn’t that hard to resist though. I know I can get through these 30 days, because it’s a goal I had set for myself, so I’m determined. Gotta keep my eye on the prize.

I snacked on some more easy trail mix as the day went on. The little munchkin was going out with my sister, so hubby and I decided to grab a quick dinner at Yuki Sushi. My order looked like this:

It consisted of futomaki sushi, eel&avocado roll, and ebi&avocado roll — All without rice. I also got some chicken skewers shiyo style(marinated in lemon, salt and pepper). BUT, now that I think about it…the freakin’ sushi wrap was probably covered in some non approved Whole30 oil and maybe even sugar! I was at Whole Foods(or Whole Paycheck) this weekend, and found sushi wrap that contained sugar and sesame oil! Why o Why!!!?!?!?! Maybe a minor slip up…it won’t happen again.

I spent most of Sunday surrounded by food, lots of it. But it was mostly food that I was prepping for the week. Inspired by last night’s meal, I decided to make a simple sushi roll with egg and avocado for breakfast. It’s not exactly sushi, but it kept me full until lunch time.

Afterwards, I went to Campbell’s Farmer Market to pick up more essentials for the week. Then I came home to make today’s dinner, prep Monday night’s dinner, and all of my lunch sides. I decided to try Nom Nom Paleo’s Chicken In The Pot. It took me a few days to gather all the ingredients, but I prepped everything and threw it into the dutch oven. All I’ll need to do tomorrow is put the broth and vinegar in, and pop it in the oven.

I made cauliflower fried rice and roasted portobello mushrooms for lunch this week. Then I started to make tonight’s dinner which was inspired by our dinner Friday night. I prepped our Beef burgers, and put them in the fridge. I marinated the carrots and sweet potatoes with olive oil, cumin, paprika, pepper, cayenne pepper, and a pinch of salt.

My mom wanted to see the little munchkin’, so we went to lunch at her house. She had nothing that I could put together for a Whole30 approved meal. Everything she made contained sugar. I kept on saying…..”What, that has sugar in it? Why Mom, why?!” Her response was, “because you have salt, so you need sugar to balance it out”. Not really mother! But I didn’t feel like debating with her. It sucked, because she made one of my favorite Vietnamese noodle soups, and I couldn’t have any. Not even without the noodles, because she put sugar in it. Oh, and tapioca starch. BLAH! So, I went to California Pizza, and got a plain salad to bring home and eat. It was boring, but it worked.

And then came our dinner:

It took me about 10 minutes to cook the burgers up, and a couple more minutes to make the fried egg. The roasted carrots and sweet potatoes took about 30 minutes at 425 degree temp.

All in all, it was a good weekend of good healthy Whole30 eats. Glad I made it through week 1. 23 more days to go!

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