Special Paleo Packages

15 Feb

AAAH, yes! The day arrived and I was able to go to the post office and pick up my packages. I love getting mail!

Last week I ordered PrimalPacs. I got an order of 25 for about $85, which includes shipping & handling. Might be on the steep side, because I can now make my own trail mix and jerky, but that’s the cost for convenience.

I haven’t tried these yet, but they don’t look like they pack as much into each of these packs like the PaleoKits. The PaleoKits taste great, but they aren’t Whole30 approved. I’ll give an update once I try them!

I also got my pure fish sauce!! I’m so excited to use this. Even though there’s sooooo much sodium in 1 TBSP, there’s nothing artificial about this fish sauce compared to other’s being sold at the store. I had the Three Crabs fish sauce before:

The picture is a bit blurry, so you can’t see the ingredients list, but it contains FRUCTOSE!! That’s a sugar substitute, and a definite no no for Whole30.

Here’s the Pure Fish Sauce from Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

The ingredients contain Anchovy Extract, and salt…that’s it! No extras, which is perfect. If you do use any type of fish sauce, use it sparingly. A couple drops goes a long way!

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