Whole30 – Day 10 & Deadlift(small PR!)

16 Feb

This is the last week of our cycle for Deadlifts. Let’s just say…it was definitely tougher for me than 2 weeks ago.


My previous Deadlift PR was 253# in November(I think!). I was trying to go for my last lift, but my 255# lift was ugly, and very difficult. Tim stopped me. Thanks Tim. At least I got a 2# PR!, better than nothing right?

Our WOD today was similar to Fight Gone Bad. 1 minute at each station, and after each round we get 1 minute rest, for a total of 3 Rounds.

  • Calorie Row
  • DB Ground to OH(45#/35#)
  • Burpees and touching the bar
  • Ring Rows
  • Total Reps: 142

    I was able to get 48 reps for the first two rounds, and 46 for the last round. Again…TOO MUCH REST! Especially at the burpees and ring row stations, where I should of picked up some speed. I felt good at the row station, and wasn’t gassed at all, so that was good. Definitely love these type of workouts. 🙂

    Here’s a quick recap of Whole30 foods.

    Breakfast: I had leftovers from dinner last night, so I packed two of the drumsticks with some cabbage and carrots.

    Lunch: I had lunch plans, but they fell through. I was disappointed, and a little annoyed that I had to go out somewhere unplanned and get some food. I went to TJ’s to pick up some milk for my little munchkin’ and there was a five guys burger across the street. I got two patties with some lettuce for 5 freakin’ bucks. I felt like it was a rip off. Once I got back to the office, I went downstairs to get a salad to eat with my burger patties. To my surprise, the cafeteria had a Five Spice Roasted Chicken with brussel sprouts and eggplants as sides. Yummy! So, I decided to get that instead.

    I ended up not eating the eggplant. I should have gotten more brussel sprouts. I made sure the ingredients that they put in there was Whole30 approved, and she said it was. I also ate 1 beef patty that I bought at Five Guys. Eeeh, not that great!

    And for dinner— Grass fed top sirloin steak marinated in Emeril Essence Seasoning with sauteed mushrooms, some roasted sweet potatoes, and a bit of cauliflower fried rice! Delicious!!!!

    2 Responses to “Whole30 – Day 10 & Deadlift(small PR!)”

    1. Rebecca February 17, 2011 at 8:55 am #

      255 is no joke! awesome!


    1. 05/23/2012 – Deadlifts « Ramblings of a Crossfit Mom - May 24, 2012

      […] we got to work on deadlifts, and it was my chance to try to PR. I decided to just match my PR, back in 2010. The pulls weren’t difficult, I just need to work on keeping my back flat and push through […]

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