Grass fed beef stew with Harissa Paste

19 Feb

Awhile ago, my friend made a moroccan beef stew with Couscous. I was eating Paleo back then as well, and just had the stew. It tasted great, because there was a special ingredient called Harissa Paste.

It’s just a blend of spiced peppers, but it tasted ooooh so good! I had some grass fed beef stew meat leftover from my previous grass fed purchase, but I never used it. I’m always afraid of messing up with beef stew, because it’s never as tender as I want it. But, I decided to use it anyways, and looked up a Moroccan Beef stew recipe. I modified Ang Sarap’s version version a bit. The difference was all the vegetables that I put in it(celery, carrots, daikon, and potatoes), and I added a can of tomato paste. I did everything else the same. Yes, I added potatoes. That was for the hubby, I didn’t eat any!

I defrosted a 1lb of beef stew and oxtail, and seared it in a dutch oven with avocado oil. Then took the meat out and sauteed the garlic and onion with the Moroccan Spice blend. You must add the moroccan spice blend, so flavorful! I put the tomato paste in next, then I the vegetables and mixed it around some more. I covered the mixture with chicken broth. The recipe said to use beef broth or pumpkin soup, but I didn’t have any that was Whole30 approved. The beef broth that I did have had Organic Caramel Color in it…WTF is that!! Anyways, I added 3 more cups of water, put some more salt and pepper in it, and put it in the oven for 2 hours at 300 degrees.

Once I made a serving, I added a couple squirts of the Harissa paste and mixed it around. The harissa paste gave it the extra spiciness, but you don’t need it to have a great dish! I’m definitely not going to get beef stew again. I don’t like the texture of it, and would rather use a fattier piece of meat(maybe chuck roast). I’m glad I added the oxtail in. This stew will last us for a day or two. Happy eating!


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