Whole30 – Day 15…Grass fed brisket!

22 Feb

Yesterday was a crazy busy day at work. I just can’t seem to get enough accomplished in 9 hours. At least I had some healthy eats to get me through the day. Everyone else was enjoying the day off because it was President’s Day. For example, my sister went to SF to indulge in some non Paleo eats(not like she eats Paleo anyways, just sayin’). One of our favorite places that she stopped at was Golden Gate Bakery to pick up some egg tarts. I’ve loved egg tarts since I was a kid! Probably because I love any type of egg custard dessert. So yummy, but so sugary. I need to find a paleo version of it. LOL. BTW, I didn’t eat this! Goals remember?!?!

Anyways, moving onto my eats for the day.

Breakfast was really simple…two fried eggs with some Garlic Cauliflower Mash. I had some macadamia nuts as well.

This got me all the way to 1PM! Yes, I didn’t eat until 1! I was sort of lazy to go to the microwave to warm up my food, but then I remembered that I didn’t need to warm my food! It had made tuna salad with a side of lettuce. I had a primal pac to go along with it, because I realized it my lunch was not enough.

I put some grass fed beef brisket into my slow cooker this morning with about 4 cups of chicken broth. I seasoned the brisket the day before with 1 tsp of the following: salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and onion powder. I added some pearl onions, and a 10 garlic cloves in the slower cooker as well.

I checked on the brisket when I got home, and it wasn’t as soft as I thought it would be, so I turned the slow cooker on for another hour. I original put it on for 7 hours! The extra hour helped out a lot, because I didn’t have to pull on it too much to get the pieces apart. Another hour would of been perfect…next time! Then I seasoned up some asparagus with avocado oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Popped that into the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. And tada…there was dinner! Sorry, the picture isn’t very clear, and I’m not that patient with my iPhone anymore. It’s getting old and very slow!

So, I survived a long metcon and good eats for a Monday. Day 15 in the bag! 🙂

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