Whole30 – Day 19

26 Feb

I woke up to a bad start yesterday. I overslept and couldn’t make it to Crossfit. I was anxious to come into class too, because I was curious what our WOD would be. I decided to go get my blood drawn for the glucose test that everyone is suppose to do at around 16 weeks. Of course, I was a little late because the doctor forgot to put the order in for me. Anyways, I went to get a vial of blood drawn, got to work, and started working away. Around 8:30, I got super light-headed. I think I was in need of some sugar…or something! But I was HUNGRY! I usually go to bread in these type of situations, but I had my primal pac. I called hubby to bring me more, because I needed sufficient snacks if I was going to get through a heavy load at work. I ended up eating 3 primal pacs before lunch time. I was finally feeling “FULL”.

Around 2, I had a small serving of Grass fed beef brisket and caulfilower fried rice. I munched on some fruit and dried fruit when I got home, and prepared my http://jensgonepaleo.blogspot.com/2011/01/tangine-spice-rubbed-pork-tenderloin.html courtesy of Jen’s Gone Paleo. I roasted the pork with some sweet potatoes, white potatoes(for the hubby), and carrots. I didn’t do the cinnamon or pears that came with the recipe. I just used the Tangine spice recipe minus the cardamon, because I didn’t have any available.

And that was my Friday. Not too good, not too bad. Day 19 is in the bag!

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