Whole30 – Day 21

27 Feb

Today was another day where I snacked too much throughout the day to eat dinner. I woke up and got Mason ready, and was able to whip up a new batch of Homemade Mayo. I had such a hard time at the beginning trying to get the mixture to thicken up. I used a spoon first to whip everything together, then used a whisk. My hand was getting so tired, I decided to try my emerssion blender again. I didn’t have much luck with it last week, but today…it saved me! I got a good batch of mayo, and I’m ready to make some crab cakes. 🙂

I headed off to work, and snacked on some fruit, and dried mangoes. Yes, I’ve been eating dried mangoes. Maybe a little too much, but they help get me through the work day. I worked until 2, and then met up with a couple of girlfriends in Palo Alto. We went to Pluto’s. I was there yesterday, and ordered tri tip and herb roasted turkey, along with roasted veggies. Today, I decided to go for a large salad with tri tip, and some extra turkey. So good, and I am still FULL!! It was a nice day to hang out in Palo Alto and catch up with girlfriends while still being able to stay Whole30.

I came home and the jerky was ready, so I munched on that. Some pieces were full of fat..ICK! Yes I know I should trim the fat, but I got really lazy yesterday to be so picky about the fat. Yummy! I boiled some eggs to make Deviled Eggs. These are so easy to make once you have the mayo, and are an easy snack to just grab and go.

I ended the night with a cara orange. Man, I am full and hopefully I have the strength to have some fun at CFPA tomorrow morning. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Day 21 is in the bag!


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