Whole30 – Day 22

1 Mar

AAAH, I forgot my breakfast this morning. I was going to eat deviled eggs for breakfast, but I didn’t bring it! I had to eat some jerky and dried mangoes. That held me over till 12, and then I had some yummy grass fed meatballs with roasted portobello button mushrooms, and roasted bell peppers which I made yesterday. DELICIOUS! I took a picture of it, but then Instagram, the app I use on my phone, didn’t process the photo fast enough before I clicked the home button. So my wonderful tasty lunch was not captured! I had a primal pac and orange for a snack, along with some strawberries and blueberries throughout the day.

I left some chorizo that I bought at least 4 months ago from the farmer’s market out to defrost this weekend.

The chorizo has simple natural ingredients. I cut it up and tossed it with some shredded cabbage and half a red onion. Tasty! My little munchkin was loving the cabbage and wanted more!

I ended the night with some homemade jerky and an apple…so good!!! Day 22 is in the bag! Maybe ate a little bit too much fruit, but it was yummy!


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