Whole30 – Day 23

2 Mar

I packed my stuff last night intending to workout, but nope I woke up at 5AM and said no. No, because I wanted to get in at 4 to workout, and get to my desk at 5 or 530. I have to work a 12 hour day, because I got so much $hit to do. Yes, I know I’m complaining, but I have work for two full time people right now…NO JOKE!

Anyways, I got in, and started coding ASAP and munched on some deviled eggs and an americano with coconut milk. Around 9AM, I warmed up my food because I caught myself looking at pancake pictures. Why?! Because a friend posted some places that had the best pancakes to “honor” National Pancake Day. LOL. I can’t believe we have these type of days. But mmmMMMMmm banana pancakes do sound good right now. I should try making coconut flour banana pancakes. I’ve done it before, just not that successful. So, I had leftovers from last night which includes chorizo sauteed with shredded cabbage, and a serving of roasted bell peppers(courtesy of Nom Nom Paleo).

Between 11 and 3, I had grass fed meatballs with some cauliflower fried rice and sauteed mushrooms. I also had some fruit, and a primal pac. I was definitely full, and didn’t eat dinner until 7:30.

For dinner, hubby marinated a grass fed london broil and I made some sauteed kale with shiitake mushrooms. I tried making the cajun sweet potato cakes courtesy of PaleoDish again. I baked half of them, and fried the other half. They didn’t turn out right, and I think it’s because I didn’t have enough egg or coconut flour to bind the ingredients together. I hate frying stuff because it’s so oily, even though I’m using good saturated oils. Baking them didn’t have the crunch that I wanted, and I baked it for too long, so they sort of burned. I haven’t had much success with coconut flour. It could be that my coconut flour doesn’t last that long, and I need to freeze it. I’ve had this coconut flour for almost half a year without even touching it. Here’s a pic of the din din.

I had half an apple with some jerky afterwards. I don’t know, but I love this combination! So good. YAY! Day 23 is in the bag, and I think I’m going to continue all the way until mid-March(or late March). I’m still thinking about it. 😉


2 Responses to “Whole30 – Day 23”

  1. david March 2, 2011 at 9:10 am #

    this is inspring..i’m thinking about doing the whole30..is there any advice you can offer me?

    • stle57 March 2, 2011 at 4:01 pm #

      I think the most important part is being prepared, whether it’s at home or at work. Life is busy, and we may just want to make things easier by making easy comfort foods, or going out to eat. To get through Whole30, you have to anticipate that these times will happen, and be prepared to not give in.

      For me, if I’m focused on a goal, I just do it, not if ands or buts about it. But for others, they may need to slowly do things to reach their goal. If you are that type of person, take out sugar for a week(read the labels, there is sugar in everything!). Then take out dairy and sugar the following week. Then dairy, sugar, and starches the next week, and so on….

      Another thing would be to get eat enough “fat” in your meal, whether it’s from olive oil, avocados, nuts, etc. Just remember that you want to feel satiated, and fat resources will give that too you.

      I’m going to the Whole9 Nutrition seminar this weekend, so I’ll be writing up a review. Should be fun and interesting! Good luck on your journey, whatever you decide!

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