Whole30 – Day 25

4 Mar

YAY, I was able to get up and do a quick workout. Fitbomb posted about his “fear and loathe” for the Concept2, and a reader replied with a great little conditioning workout that I’ve been wanting to try. Here was the quick conditioning workout, to help you gain some speed when rowing.

Set the performance monitor to: Intervals, Distance.
Set the Distance to 100m. Set the Interval (rest) period to 1 minute

Interval 1 – at approximately 70% of the maximum speed you are currently capable of. Record the time.

Interval 2 – at approximately 75% of maximum speed

Interval 3 – 80%

Interval 4 – 80%

Interval 5 – 85%

Interval 6 – 100% (this is a full-on total sprint; hold nothing back)

I got done with the 6th interval, and thought that was too easy, so I did 4 more rounds of the full-sprint. I forgot to record my time(because I thought I could remember). I think it was under 24 seconds. Maybe 23.8. This was a great test to see how fast I can go and still concentrate on form. I noticed that for me to go all out, I couldn’t just sit back a bit after pushing my legs out. I had to immediately reach back in, and push my legs again(if that makes any sense). Anyways, I think I might do this next week a long with a little run afterwards. I also practiced the KB Swings with a 16KG bell. I did 51 swings, not for time. That got me sweating…LOL.

For breakfast, I had had two deviled eggs with some macadamia nuts. I wasn’t that hungry, and didn’t eat until 1PM. By that time, I scarfed down my leftovers from last night, kelp noodles with grass fed ground beef. I added some cauliflower rice in there, so I’d get more veggies. Yummy!

I had a primal pac sometime between lunch and 6pm. I was tired, but I looked at the chicken recipe that I was going to make and it would only take 35 minutes to cook with minimal prep, so I did it.

I won’t repeat the recipe here, but let’s just say it was crispy and delicious. I added some cajun spice along with salt and pepper to the skin. My hubs loved it!

I paired the dish with sides I already made at the beginning of the week. Love that part! I had some dried mangoes afterwards. I really need to stop buying these. If anything, make them myself because I think mangoes are cheap right now.

Day 25…in the bag!


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