Coconut Oil = No Bueno(Whole30 – Day 31…barely)

10 Mar

Why did I have to get sick, the day after I finish Whole30. This totally tested my willpower to continue to eat clean while everything looked gross! The night before, I had made some sweet potato pancakes. I fried them in a mixture of coconut oil and avocado oil. I never use that much coconut oil in anything because I don’t like the aftertaste it sometimes gives in foods.

I was so proud that the pancakes turned out good this time, but only ate 1 and saved the rest for breakfast the next morning. I woke up at 3AM with a bad tummy ache. It felt like my insides were twisting and twisting, trying to break apart. Not good! I went to the bathroom, and was successful, so I thought I cleared out my stomach and would be able to make it to CFPA. BUT NO! I had to freakin’ miss front squat day because I went to the bathroom 2 more times before 430. I decided to just go take a shower and I’ll just snap out of it, and go to work. Got to work at 630, and started dry heaving at my desk. It was mangoes and sweet potato pancakes. I was burping up the flavor of the coconut flour too. NOT GOOD! I decided to go back home, and was bed ridden all day. The only thing I ate was an apple, some roasted sweet potatoes, and a small handful of blueberries. Boy, did I want to eat some bread or go out and get something comforting.

I finally gave in at 5 and went with hubby to go get some Cocido. It’s a beef soup with veggies made at La Milpa, this Mexican Restaurant my family and I used to go to. I had a little bit of that and took a quick nap. Woke up at 8 and felt a little better. I finished the little bowl of soup, and went back to bed.

I wish I had made soup and just left it in the freezer for emergencies like this. Maybe I’ll make some this weekend. It’s always good to save some broth to have handy. I feel so much better now, and happy that I didn’t give in to starchy carbs! Watermelon was probably pissed that I didn’t eat much, because I felt him kick all day!

Has anyone had bad side effects to coconut oil?!? I’ve noticed if I use it a lot in cooking it does give me an upset stomach sometimes, or my bowl movements(sorry..TMI!) isn’t the same. It sucks, because I had hot wings made with coconut oil and haberno sauce, and I didn’t have any problems eating that. Maybe it was just the frying? And, my little munchkin’ was sick on Monday too, and he was throwing up! He never throws up, and I shouldn’t be surprised because he’s still a baby. But I did give him some cauliflower fried rice, which was fried with coconut oil. It wasn’t much, but he’s a baby, and a little can go a long way.


3 Responses to “Coconut Oil = No Bueno(Whole30 – Day 31…barely)”

  1. xoomajourney March 10, 2011 at 6:32 am #

    I’ve started using coconut oil, it’s good to know it might not agree with everyone especially when having others over to eat your cooking! My family seems fine with it. Sorry you got sick ~Jackie

  2. Brian July 13, 2011 at 6:54 am #

    Potatoes are off limit in whole30

    • stle57 July 15, 2011 at 11:47 am #

      I believe sweet potatoes are ok, especially during the post workout meal.

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