Whole30 – Day 32

11 Mar

Hmm… I need to start thinking of new titles. I’m not officially on Whole30 anymore, but we’ll see how long this last. I felt completely better today. I definitely think my stomach wooes were because of the coconut flour or coconut oil. I’m definitely going to watch my intake of it. I tried not to eat too much today, and meat really didn’t sound that great. It was a leftover kind of day.

For breakfast, I had a yam and some coffee. For lunch, I had 2 fried eggs, some cauliflower fried rice, and portobello mushrooms. I just finished the fried eggs, and wasn’t feeling the cauliflower fried rice. I think it’s time for a new side dish. I hate it when I get sick of a food, especially after being sick. Now, I need to find a good replacement. I also had a primal pac and an apple.

Dinner came, and I felt like soup. I had cooked some drumsticks with carrots for the little munchkin’, and just poured chicken broth all over it. He never finished it, so I added some cabbage to it, and let it stew for a bit. It was pretty yummy to me. Nice and light, just the way I need it.

Feels good to continue to eat clean. Good Day everyone! I’ll update with pics later.


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