03/12/2010 – Saturday Chill Day

12 Mar

It’s been a pretty chill Saturday. I spent the morning working a bit, but I made some time to bake some bacon and cook some eggs for breakfast. I probably ate too much bacon(5 or 6 strips). I bought the bacon in bulk from Applegate Farms, and just freeze it in our chest freezer. Have I told you how much I love that freezer! Probably the best purchase and most used purchase from last year. 🙂

To stop myself from eating ALL the bacon, I cut it up into tiny pieces, and took out the brussel sprouts that I had in the fridge. I sauteed the brussel sprouts with the bacon fat, and added the bacon. Yummy! It’ll be a good side dish.

I munched on some strawberries for snack, and we went to Whole Paycheck for lunch. I was eeeh about all the food there, and really wasn’t in the mood to get a salad. So I ended up getting broccoli and italian sausage. I’m not sure what was in either, but hopefully nothing too bad.

For snacks, I also had some oranges and mangos. Okay, I need to stop eating so much fruit. I need to buy some coconut flakes or more macadamia nuts. Or, better idea is to make more beef jerky.

Hubby wanted to make steak salad for dinner, and I already thawed a grass fed top sirloin. I seasoned with Emeril’s Creole Seasoning, and let it sit there for an hour while I got little munchkin’ ready for bed. Hubby cooked it up, and it was perfect. My sides were roasted bell peppers and brussel sprouts. I heart red meat!


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